Abstaining from Sins

Abstaining from sins

The following are some evil acts prohibited in Islam and for which grave warnings of punishment have been sounded by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam):

  • To mock at someone.
  • To taunt a person.
  • To call a person by a degrading nick-name.
  • To cast suspicion against someone.
  • To search for the faults of others.
  • Gheebat (scandalling)
  • To gossip.
  • To revile a person for no proper reason.
  • Double-talk, to be two-faced.
  • To slander.
  • To deceive.
  • Pride, vanity.
  • Cruelty and oppression.
  • Refraining from aiding one in hardship inspite of having the means.
  • To create loss for another in his wealth.
  • To cast
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